Easy RJ45 Crimp Tool - Everlasting!
  • Easy RJ45 Crimp Tool - Everlasting!
  • Easy RJ45 Crimp Tool - Everlasting!
  • Easy RJ45 Crimp Tool - Everlasting!
The 'Easy' RJ45 Crimp tool works perfectly with the 'Easy' Cat6 UTP & FTP Pass Through Plugs.
With its added cutting function, this crimp tool trims off the excess wires as it crimps the RJ45 plug.

- For use with RJ45 Pass through plugs
- Can be used to cut outersheath of cable

See below for the 4 step 'Easy' Instructions

easy crimp step 1
1Remove approximately 20mm of outer jacket using the multi-purpose crimp tool.
2Arrange wires into the correct colour code sequence (most commonly EIA/TIA 568B). Slot cable into the plug pushing the wires through. Outer sheath of cable should sit inside the plug as far up as possible.
3Press the ‘Lock’ Button on Crimp tool to open it ready for use. Insert the loaded RJ45 plug into the socket and squeeze the handle to crimp the plug, the excess wire will also be trimmed at the same time.
4If you have followed the instructions you should now have a fully working RJ45 Connection.

Andrew h - 04/12/2023

Average crimp tool. It functions but as far as I can tell it's designed for pass through only connectors. I bought it knowing what I wanted but it would be nice if this crimp tool supported both pass through and non pass through crimps

George S - 21/03/2022

Again, not used this tool yet but looking forward to doing so. It is a very solid and well made piece of kit.

Wendy C - 16/03/2021

Excellent improvement over my standard cat 5 crimper as it cuts the ends of the cable without the need to pre trim. Makes life a lot easier.

Paul T - 17/02/2021

does what it is intended to be used for

Ioan D - 15/11/2020

Great tool, crimps accurately and cuts the wires to length at the same time.

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Easy RJ45 Crimp Tool

RJ45 Crimp Tool, for use with Easy RJ45 UTP & FTP Pass through Plugs


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