CCS Cable Stripper
  • CCS Cable Stripper
  • CCS Cable Stripper

The Connectix Cable Stripper is the ideal way of stripping data cables. Its fully encapsulated blades ensure a precisely controlled and constant cutting depth, without the risk of nicking individual wires or fingers. And with only one rotation of the stripper, it removes cable outer jackets of all common shielded and unshielded data cables up to a diameter of 8mm. In addition, it can also be used to strip the outer jacket of RG58 and RG59 size coaxial cables.


  • Controlled cutting depth
  • Encapsulated blades for maximum safety
  • Minimises damage to wires
  • Strips UTP, FTP & outer jacket on RG58 and RG59 coax cables
  • Both Tester and Stripper can be custom branded

Daniel F - 14/03/2022

Just works - so simple!

john r - 25/01/2022

excellent product highly recommend

Philip B - 15/11/2021

Handy size, easy to use and works well

James F - 31/01/2021

Great wee tool.

David M - 25/12/2020

Haven't used it yet but looks to be good quality

CCS Cable Stripper

Simple tool for stripping the outer sheath of cables


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